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Gaza: What can be done to stop the unfolding humanitarian crisis?

More than 213 Palestinians killed, hospitals overwhelmed and running low on medical supplies and thousands are displaced.

It is a region that has been besieged for decades and where living conditions were already dire.

Now, after more than a week of Israeli air attacks, Gaza is on the brink of a deepening humanitarian crisis.

At least 213 Palestinians have been killed, including 61 children. Hospitals are overwhelmed and running low on medical supplies.

UN schools are full of thousands of people who have fled their homes with little to survive on.

Clinics have been damaged. Water, electricity and food are in short supply.

Existing aid will last only for a few days and there are calls for help. But reaching people in need has been a struggle for those on the ground.

An Israeli air attack hit the Qatar Red Crescent Society office in Gaza on Monday.

Presenter: Nastasya Tay


Matthias Schmale – Director of Gaza operations for the UN’s Palestine refugees’ relief agency, UNRWA

Juan Paris – Psychiatrist with Doctors Without Borders

Ibrahim Fraihat – Associate professor in conflict resolution at the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies