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Will Joe Biden restore US leadership on climate change?

US president hosts virtual summit to set global emission targets.

United States President Joe Biden’s Earth Day message is clear: America is back to lead the fight against climate change.

Biden is hoping to restore US credibility by hosting a virtual summit with 40 of the world’s biggest polluters.

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He pledged to halve US emissions by 2030, and wants other nations to make steep cuts.

China is promising to be carbon-neutral by 2060, while Britain and the European Union also made big commitments.

But will the summit be all talk, and little action?

Presenter: Mohammed Jamjoom


Michael Dorsey – Co-founder, Sunrise Movement

Sanusha Naidu – Senior research associate, Institute for Global Dialogue

Chandra Bhushan – CEO of iFOREST – the International Forum for Environment, Sustainability and Technology