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Why are Europe’s top clubs forming a new ‘Super League’?

Fans and football governing bodies have criticised plans for new European Super League.

More than being big names in sport, European football clubs like Manchester United and Real Madrid are global phenomenons, drawing high-profile stars and millions of followers.

They’re among 12 elite teams who have announced a breakaway competition of their own, called the European Super League.

Many fans and the sport’s governing bodies reacted in anger.

However, those behind the new Super League insist the changes are needed to rejuvenate the game, and reverse falling revenues.

So what’s really behind this move?

Presenter: Mohammed Jamjoom


Akhil Vyas – Board member, Arsenal Supporters’ Trust

Borja Garcia – Senior lecturer in sport management and policy at Loughborough University in the UK

Ilija Trojanovic – Strategic adviser at DOWLI Sports, focusing on sports technology