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How to stop pending famine in Yemen?

UN says millions of people in Yemen are at risk of famine and billions of dollars in aid is needed to avoid a disaster.

Yemen is heading towards large-scale starvation and could face the world’s worst famine in decades, according to the United Nations.

The warning comes as malnutrition rates hit a record high after years of conflict.

The world body estimates more than 16 million Yemenis could go hungry this year. Children are particularly affected, with 400,000 at risk of severe malnutrition.

The UN has appealed for $3.8bn to avert a catastrophe.

But it says it only got half of what is needed last year and millions of people have not received food.

So, who will step in to help the people of Yemen?

Presenter: Peter Dobbie


Riona Judge McCormack – spokeswoman for Norwegian Refugee Council

Afrah Nasser – Yemen researcher at Human Rights Watch

Elisabeth Kendall – senior research fellow at Oxford University’s Pembroke College