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Will the US take a new approach to North Korea?

North Korean accuses US President Joe Biden of ‘provocation’ following criticism of missile tests.

North Korea often practises so-called “weaponised diplomacy”: firing ballistic missiles to send a message to the world.

It appears Thursday’s test of two short-range missiles was aimed at its traditional foe, the United States.

President Joe Biden said the US will respond if threatened, but he is open to diplomacy.

North Korea hit back by labelling Biden’s comments a “provocation”.

Denuclearisation talks with North Korea stalled under former President Donald Trump.

So, how will Biden take on one of the US’s most delicate diplomatic challenges?

Presenter: Mohammed Jamjoom


Yang Uk – Adjunct professor at the Graduate School of National Defense Strategy at Hannam University

Robert Kelly – Professor of political science and diplomacy at Pusan National Universit

Tariq Rauf – Former head of the Verification and Security Policy Co-ordination Office at the International Atomic Energy Agency