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Why are human rights defenders being targeted?

Amnesty International launches fundraising campaign to counter an ‘anti-human rights agenda’.

The scale of attacks on rights defenders around the world is gravely concerning, says Amnesty International.

The rights group launched its first global emergency fundraising appeal to help protect them. It is now calling on individuals and large donors to expand their support.

Amnesty says the aim is to counter what it calls a growing “anti-human rights agenda”.

The watchdog accuses so-called strongman leaders of increasingly spreading division and fear as well as silencing critical voices.

Activists, lawyers, journalists and those working with NGOs have faced prosecution, harassment and even torture.

Amnesty says the money raised will go to relocating those in danger and providing them with legal and medical aid, among other costs.

Are rights defenders losing the fight?

Presenter: Kim Vinnell


Rajat Khosla – Senior director of research, advocacy and policy, Amnesty International

Judith Beyer – Specialist in political and legal anthropology at the University of Konstanz

Toby Cadman – International human rights lawyer