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Why are schoolchildren increasingly being kidnapped in Nigeria?

Students were abducted by gunmen who stormed a boarding school in north-central town on Wednesday.

Schools being stormed and children held captive has become common in northern Nigeria for months.

On Wednesday, gunmen kidnapped dozens of schoolchildren in the latest assault, where one student was killed in the state-run school in the town of Kagara.

The government has released the names of some who were abducted, including those of 27 students. A rescue operation is ongoing.

Many of the previous attacks have been blamed on so-called “bandits” who ask for ransom. But the armed groups are not the only security challenge facing Nigerian forces.

Nigeria has been stretched fighting Boko Haram, which carries out similar attacks in the northeast.

Why is the government unable to protect children?

Presenter: Hashem Ahelbarra


Mike Ejiofor – Former director of Nigeria’s State Security Service, and security analyst

Chukwuemeka Eze – Executive director of West Africa Network for Peacebuilding