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Will Hong Kong’s ‘patriotic’ election herald a new era?

Sunday’s election ensured only ‘those who love China’ run Hong Kong.

It is designed to ensure what China describes as “patriots” are the only ones to take their seats in Hong Kong’s parliament.

Voters in Hong Kong cast their ballots in the first election since China imposed a national security law last year.

Leaders in Beijing insist, like the security legislation, that changes to the election system are needed to ensure stability following mass protests.

Demonstrators marched in millions to condemn the erosion of democracy, which was guaranteed in the 1997 handover from British rule.

Will the election herald a new era? Or is the vote a recipe for yet more turmoil?

Presenter: Hashem Ahelbarra


Nathan Law – Former politician in Hong Kong and pro-democracy activist

Tom Grundy – Editor-in-chief Hong Kong Free Press

Any Mok – Senior research fellow Center for China and Globalization think-tank