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What’s next for Iraq after October’s election?

Elections were contested by pro-Iranian political groups who demanded full recount and insisted the poll was a ‘fraud’.

Iraq’s prime minister has opened an investigation into violent protests against last month’s election.

At least four people were killed on Friday after security forces opened fire to clear demonstrators in the capital, Baghdad.

The rally was organised by the Fatah Alliance of pro-Iranian political groups, which has said the election was rigged.

Early results showed that the Fatah Alliance had suffered heavy losses.

The electoral commission began a recount and so far, the results have not changed.

People are increasingly frustrated at Iraq’s political system.

So what is next?

Presenter: Rob Matheson


Azheen Mustafa – Pro-democracy activist

Ahmed Rushdi – Director at the House of Iraqi Expertise Foundation

Renad Mansour – Director of the Iraq Initiative at Chatham House