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What’s fuelling Europe’s energy crisis?

Gas and electricity prices hit record highs in Europe as energy supplies run low in advance of winter.

Europe is facing a worsening energy crisis in advance of the continent’s winter.

Gas prices have reached record highs and supplies are running low.

Europe has about three-quarters of its natural gas in storage, which is much lower than normal for this time of the year.

Power bills are already going up and European Union finance ministers are demanding coordinated action to secure supplies.

So what’s causing the power crunch?

And how will it affect the EU’s plans to cut carbon emissions and switch to renewable energy?

Presenter: Darren Jordon


Cornelia Meyer – Economist and CEO, Meyer Resources

Andreas Goldthau – Professor of public policy, University of Erfurt

Silvia Pastorelli – Greenpeace EU climate and energy campaigner