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Will a global minimum tax rate stop corporate tax dodging?

World’s biggest economies approve a 15 percent minimum rate on multinationals.

Tax avoidance has long been a controversial practice in global business.

Multinational firms make money in one country and then move their profits to another where they can pay little or no corporate tax.

The world’s largest economies are trying to stop this. Leaders of the G20 group endorsed a global minimum tax rate for multinationals of 15 percent.

The deal followed discussions between 140 countries earlier this month. But four countries, including Kenya and Nigeria, say that rate is not high enough.

So will the plan prevent tax dodging?

Presenter: Mohammed Jamjoom


Richard Boyd Barrett – Irish member of parliament

Mustapha Ndajiwo – Executive director, African Centre for Tax and Governance

Susana Ruiz Rodriguez – Oxfam International tax injustice lead