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Are NATO and Russia on a collision course?

Moscow has broken off diplomatic ties with the security alliance after spying allegations.

NATO and Russia have long tried to keep an open channel of communication.

But building trust between the two rivals has always been complicated.

They have disagreed on a number of issues, from security to intelligence gathering.

A recent dispute about spying has led Russia to break off diplomatic ties.

Earlier this month, NATO expelled eight members of Russia’s diplomatic mission to the alliance, saying they were “undeclared intelligence officers”.

Moscow denied the allegations and has now suspended its diplomatic mission altogether.

So, what’s next for Moscow and NATO?

Presenter: Hashem Ahelbarra


Dmitry Babich – Political analyst at Rossiya Sevodnya, a news agency

Theresa Fallon – Director of the Centre for Russia Europe Asia Studies

Glenn Diesen – Professor of international relations at the University of Southeastern Norway