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Who benefits from plans for a biennial football World Cup?

FIFA wants to change the frequency of the World Cup but not everyone is convinced.

Could we see the beautiful game every two years instead of four?

That is the push from the world governing body FIFA, which wants to change the way the football World Cup is played.

But the proposal has been widely criticised by some sports federations, football coaches and players.

Those against the plan say switching from the four-year calendar could seriously affect players’ mental and physical health, overshadow the women’s edition of the tournament, and affect the schedules of other sports.

FIFA intends to reduce the number of qualifying and friendly matches to keep players from being overworked.

Yet 166 of FIFA’s 210 national associations back the idea of further research.

Presenter: Sami Zeidan


Ilija Trojanovic – strategic adviser at Dowli sports and former consultant for the Qatar World Cup 2022 Supreme Committee

Danny Jordaan – president of the South African Football Association, and former CEO of South Africa’s World Cup in 2010

Marcela Mora y Araujo – football writer