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What’s causing a global goods shortage?

Global supply chain problems are leading to delivery delays and higher prices for consumer goods.

A supply chain crisis is threatening to derail the world’s economic recovery from the pandemic.

New smartphones, toys, clothes and even Christmas turkeys are among the many items failing to reach consumers.

Analysts are blaming what they call a “perfect storm” of problems.

The US president has ordered ports in southern California to work 24/7 to clear delivery backlogs.

Container ports are at full capacity in Europe.

Manufacturing hubs in China have slowed down output because of power shortages and high commodity prices.

So, what are the solutions?

Presenter: Imran Khan


Jas Kalra – Assistant professor in supply chain management, Newcastle University Business School

Dan Wang – Chief economist, Hang Seng Bank China

Stavros Karamperidis – Lecturer in maritime economics, University of Plymouth