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Is Zimbabwe reversing its policy on land seizures?

Government offers compensation and return of land to white farmers evicted during Mugabe rule.

The issue of who owns the land in Zimbabwe is controversial.

About 20 years ago, former President Robert Mugabe violently evicted thousands of white farmers and gave the land to Black families.

He said it was to address colonial imbalances, but critics argue the policy destroyed the economy.

Mugabe’s successor Emmerson Mnangagwa appears to be trying to make amends.

His government says foreign white farmers can apply to have the land back or be given a different plot.
It follows an agreement in July to pay $3.5bn in compensation.

Will these measures resolve one of the most divisive policies in Zimbabwe’s history?

Presenter: Hashem Ahelbarra


Vince Musewe – Economist and investment consultant

Obert Gutu – Former spokesman, Movement for Democratic Change

Rejoice Ngwenya – Political analyst