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Massive demonstrations grip Thailand

Protesters stage the biggest rally in years to demand political reforms and limits to the king’s powers.

A wave of demonstrations has gripped Thailand since February.

It is led by the young, mostly first-time voters, who say they want to modernise the monarchy. They are also demanding general-turned-Prime Minister Prayuth Chanocha to step down.

Their anger has been growing since last year’s disputed election, which extended his reign following a coup he led in 2014.

Their demands include a new constitution, the dissolution of parliament, and new elections. But the most sensitive of all is reform of the monarchy.

The young want the king’s powers curtailed and the people’s will to stay supreme. What can the government do to calm this growing anger, and what does this mean for Thailand’s king?


Pravit Rojanaphruk – columnist for Khaosod, an online news website

Parit Wacharasindhu – former MP and parliamentary candidate for the Democrat Party

Jade Donavanik – chairman of the faculty of law at the College of Asian Scholars