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Could the US shut down the Open Skies treaty?

US accuses Russia of violating military pact signed in the aftermath of the Cold War.

The Open Skies treaty is known as one of the pillars of global security after the end of the Cold War.

The pact allows the US, Russia, Canada and European countries to fly over each other’s territories and monitor military activity.

But earlier this year, US President Donald Trump announced Washington wants to withdraw from the treaty. US officials say Russia is violating the agreement by blocking flights over military facilities, and using planes to map out American infrastructure for a possible attack. The Kremlin rejects the allegations.

The world’s largest military alliance NATO is urging Russia to comply with the agreement.

Could the treaty collapse and has it become outdated in today’s world?

Presenter: Imran Khan


Mark Fitzpatrick – Senior US diplomat and associate fellow, International Institute for Strategic Studies

Kristina Berzina – Senior fellow, Alliance for Securing Democracy, German Marshall Fund of the United States

Vasily Kashin – Senior fellow, Institute for Far Eastern Studies