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Will annexation of the occupied West Bank trigger turmoil?

Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu wants to seize more of the occupied West Bank in line with US ‘Middle East plan’.

The illegally occupied territories of the West Bank and East Jerusalem are at the heart of any future Palestinian state, as envisaged by the Palestinian Authority.

But, occupied by Israeli forces since 1967 and now threatened by annexation, such a state looks increasingly impossible.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wants to declare sovereignty over illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank including the strategic Jordan Valley. 

Netanyahu wanted to begin annexation at the beginning of July but his coalition government partner Benny Gantz says combatting the coronavirus should come first.

The Palestinian leadership, major European countries and Arab states all object to annexation.

The seizure of more Palestinian land is seen to be in line with US President Donald Trump’s so-called “Middle East plan,” which proposes to establish a demilitarised Palestinian state on a patchwork of disjointed parts of the Palestinian territories.

So, what does it all mean for the region?

Presenter: Adrian Finighan


Mustafa Barghouti – leader of the Palestinian National Initiative and member of the Palestinian Legislative Council

Said Arikat – political writer and analyst

Amichai Stein – political writer and diplomatic correspondent