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Why is the US targeting the International Criminal Court?

Trump has imposed sanctions on ICC staff investigating suspected US war crimes in Afghanistan.

The United States is facing criticism around the world for its latest threats against the International Criminal Court (ICC).

President Donald Trump has signed an executive order sanctioning the ICC’s staff and their families.

The US, which is not a member of The Hague-based tribunal, is angry at investigations into suspected war crimes in Afghanistan that could implicate its soldiers.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called the ICC a “kangaroo court”.

The ICC has rejected the sanctions as an unprecedented attack.

What is behind President Trump’s move and what will its impact be on international justice?

Presenter: Imran Khan


Fergal Gaynor – counsel at the ICC and legal representative of victims in Afghanistan

Brett Schaefer – Jay Kingham fellow at the Heritage Foundation

Toby Cadman – international human rights lawyer and co-founder of Guernica 37 at International Justice Chambers