From: Inside Story

How is coronavirus affecting the sport industry?

All major events have been cancelled or postponed as the pandemic takes its toll worldwide.

It is a lucrative business and almost recession-proof. But sport is being dealt a financial blow by the coronavirus.

Major events have been cancelled or postponed for the first time in many years.

From the Tokyo Olympic Games to football championships, fields, arenas and stadiums will be empty for a long time.

Athletes, organisations and thousands of people who work at sporting events are affected.

Revenues from broadcasting deals, sponsorship contracts and match tickets are drying up.

The business model for many sports is under threat, and has to adapt to measures to counter the COVID-19.

So, can sport survive the outbreak?

Presenter: Peter Dobbie


Kieran Maguire – football finance lecturer at the University of Liverpool

Patrick Mbiele Happi – manager of retired Champions League footballer Samuel Eto

Tancredi Palmeri – beIN sport correspondent and former presenter for The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA)