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Will life ever return to normal after coronavirus lockdowns?

Some countries with falling infection rates ease lockdowns that had been imposed to contain the spread of COVID-19.

It is now more than four months since the novel coronavirus started spreading from Wuhan in China.

Although the pandemic hasn’t stopped, some countries with falling infection rates are slowly easing lockdown restrictions.

Small shops and restaurants are reopening in a dozen countries across Asia, Europe and Africa.

Some schoolchildren are returning to class.

A few more domestic flights are taking off, and train services are increasing in frequency.

What are the risks of a second wave of infections?

And how should we adapt to life post lockdown?

Presenter: Bernard Smith


John Nicholls – clinical professor in pathology at the University of Hong Kong

Donna Dawson – psychologist specialising in personality and behaviour

David Alexander – professor of risk and disaster reduction at University College London