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What is China’s post-coronavirus strategy?

China fails to set an economic growth target, seeks to stabilise employment and living standards.

The delayed annual session of the National People’s Congress is under way amid a pandemic that has altered China’s agendas and shuffled its priorities. The country is facing the challenge of restoring an economy that’s shrunk almost 7 percent in the first quarter of the year.

For the first time in decades, Beijing did not set an economic growth target. Now, it has other priorities: stabilising employment and living standards.

The announcement was made by Premier Li Keqiang at the start of the parliament meeting.

And while China has faced widespread criticism for its handling of the crisis, Li praised its response.

So, how will China move forward?

Presenter: Kamahl Santamaria


Dan Wang – Economist and analyst at The Economist Intelligence Unit’s Access China Service

Gordon Chang – Author of, The Coming Collapse of China, and, The Great US-China Tech War

Einar Tangen – China political affairs analyst and former provincial government adviser