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Israel: Can Netanyahu and Gantz work together?

PM Benjamin Netanyahu seen as an unparalleled political survivor and, once again, he has got what he wants.

Benjamin Netanyahu will lead a fifth government in Israel. But for the first time, he will not be governing alone.

Netanyahu will be rotating the prime minister’s job with his former rival Benny Gantz – 18 months each.

That power-sharing deal was reached last month, ending a year of political deadlock in which three inconclusive elections were held.

The unity government, now sworn in, is a rarity in Israel’s politics.

Gantz says it is needed to tackle the coronavirus during “not normal times”.

But what about Netanyahu and his own battles? He is facing a corruption trial this month – the first sitting prime minister to do so.

He is also pressing ahead with a controversial plan to annex part of the occupied West Bank.

Presenter: Kamahl Santamaria


Mitchell Barak – CEO of the political consultancy Keevon Global Research

Dahlia Scheidlin – Columnist at +972 Magazine and a public opinion analyst and political strategist

Akiva Eldar – Former columnist at Al-Monitor and a contributor to Ha’aretz newspaper