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Will there ever be direct talks between Afghan gov’t and Taliban?

President Ashraf Ghani has ordered the army to resume operations against Taliban after deadly attacks.

From the cradle to the grave, it seems no one is safe from Afghanistan’s endless war.

Newborn babies, mothers and nurses were among 24 people killed when gunmen opened fire inside a Kabul maternity hospital on Tuesday.

Additionally, 21 mourners at a funeral in Nangahar province were killed by an ISIL suicide bomber.

President Ashraf Ghani responded by ordering the army to resume offensive operations against the Taliban.

The armed group denied involvement, and its leaders said Ghani’s announcement was a declaration of war.

Has this dampened the prospect of direct talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban?

Presenter: Bernard Smith


Popal Habibi – Academic researcher on peacebuilding in Afghanistan

Sultan Barakat – Professor of conflict resolution at the Doha Institute

Kate Clark – Co-director of the Afghanistan Analysts Network