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Is reopening economies a risky move?

As economic pain starts to bite from coronavirus, many countries are easing lockdowns and reopening businesses.

It has been described as the “Great Lockdown” by the International Monetary Fund, and it could create the worst recession in nearly a century.

Both rich and poor countries are affected by measures taken to control the coronavirus pandemic.

Governments are under pressure to stabilise markets and prevent job losses. They are now weighing lives against restarting their economies.

Although many countries are reopening stores and schools, there are differences over where and when businesses can resume.

For many, the prospect the world may be returning to normal is a relief. But health experts say relaxing too much, too soon, could trigger a second wave of infections.

So what are the risks? And can such a move soften the financial impact of the pandemic? 

Presenter: Adrian Finighan 


Jeremy Konyndyk – Senior policy fellow at the Center for Global Development

Hubertus Bardt – Managing director and head of research at the German Economic Institute

Dan Ciuriak – Economist and senior fellow in the Global Economy Program at the Centre for International Governance Innovation