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Why have democracy leaders in Hong Kong been arrested?

Fifteen activists face court as more concerns are raised about the city’s autonomy.

The coronavirus pandemic has interrupted the anti-government protests that gripped Hong Kong for much of last year.

However, the tension that triggered the unrest has not gone away.

Police have arrested 15 leading activists and accused them of organising and taking part in unlawful protests.

They include Martin Lee, known as Hong Kong’s “Father of Democracy”, who has since been released on bail.

The arrests follow comments by mainland China’s liason office in Hong Kong that it has the right to supervise the city’s affairs.

Could the developments trigger more turmoil? 

Presenter: Bernard Smith

Guests: Martin Lee – Founding chairman of the Democratic Party of Hong Kong and former legislative councillor

Andy Mok – Senior research fellow, Center for China and Globalization

Victor Teo – Assistant professor, affiliated faculty with the China Studies Programme, University of Hong Kong