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From: Inside Story

How is the coronavirus pandemic changing the way we work?

Millions of people are working from home as countries extend physical distancing measures.

The coronavirus pandemic has fundamentally changed the way we live in just the last few months.

Governments trying to halt the spread of the virus have imposed strict lockdowns.

That means hundreds of millions of people are now working from home, away from the office. Videoconferencing services, for example, have experienced a huge boom.

But working remotely has created immense challenges for businesses and employees alike.

What are the benefits and challenges? Will this permanently change the way we work?

Presenter: Bernard Smith


Mabel Cheng – Counsellor and research officer at the University of Hong Kong

Ali Fenwick – Professor of organisational behaviour at Hult International Business School

Avis Jones-DeWeever – A career reinvention strategist