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Who is to blame: President Trump or the WHO?

Trump halts funds to the WHO, accusing the UN agency of mismanaging the spread of the virus.

It will disappear one day like a miracle: That is how US President Donald Trump described the coronavirus pandemic in its early days.

For weeks, he went on assuring Americans they had it “totally under control”.

But now, the United States is the worst-affected country with more than 609,000 confirmed coronavirus cases and deaths topping 25,000.

Healthcare workers are struggling with medical shortages, hospitals are overwhelmed, and the president is under pressure.

He has been accused of ignoring warnings of a full-blown crisis and of misleading Americans.

But Trump insists he is doing the job right and is using his daily briefings to promote his achievements.

He has made another controversial decision by halting funds to the World Health Organization (WHO), accusing the United Nations agency of mismanaging the spread of the virus.

But what about Trump himself?

And what kind of leadership has he shown in dealing with the pandemic?

Presenter: Richelle Carey 


Douglass Sloan – democratic strategist and political consultant

Sarah Eltantawi – political analyst and professor of modern Islam at Fordham University

Steven Rogers – adviser to President Donald J Trump 2020 Campaign