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Can the European Union stay united?

The EU is accused of failing to deal with the coronavirus, even as two of its members are the hardest-hit worldwide.

The spread of coronavirus has closed borders across Europe and challenged people’s freedom of movement and the free movement of goods.

Those are the very foundations of the European Union, and some argue the bloc could be facing an existential crisis. 

European governments have been criticised for initially retreating behind their walls in response to the outbreak.

And its leaders are divided over how to tackle the crisis economically.

They have also recently squabbled over how to share the debt burden.

Germany and the Netherlands are among EU nations objecting to a joint debt initiative that has also disappointed Spain and Italy. 

They were joined by France in calling for a grander plan of action. 

On Inside Story, an in-depth discussion on the future of the EU as it struggles to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

Presenter: Peter Dobbie


Giulia Alagna – Journalist and field producer working with foreign media

Fabrice Pothier – Chief strategy officer at the political advisory firm, Rasmussen Global

Thorsten Benner – Director of the think-tank, Global Public Policy Institute