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Can developing nations handle the COVID-19 pandemic?

Concerns being raised about countries with weak healthcare systems.

Coronavirus infections have now been reported in nearly every country in the world. And the number of people getting sick in Europe and the United States is rising rapidly.

However, scientists warn the next big spike could occur in developing regions with already weak healthcare systems.

The United Nations is asking for two billion dollars to help the poorer nations. Millions of people around the world do not have access to basic washing facilities, sanitation and hygiene.

Some nations’ health systems lack medical supplies, or are under strain after natural disasters and other outbreaks.

So, how can we avoid a catastrophe?

Presenter: Bernard Smith


Kanuru Sujatha Rao – Former secretary of health, government of India

Sheila Davis – CEO of Partners in Health, a non-profit healthcare organisation

Ifeanyi Nsofor – Director of policy and advocacy at Nigeria Health Watch