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How to protect low-paid workers during the coronavirus pandemic?

The contagion puts further pressure on some of the world’s lowest-earning workers.

Governments are putting cities in lockdown, urging everyone to avoid public spaces and to work from home if possible.

However, many so-called “gig economy” workers around the world do not have that option. People such as couriers, ride-share drivers, service staff, and the self-employed face weeks without pay.

Many say they cannot afford to miss work because they do not get social benefits such as sick pay or medical insurance.

So, how to protect the millions of workers potentially exposing themselves to COVID-19? 

Presenter: Maryam Nemazee


Greg Howard – Delivery driver for various apps such as Deliveroo who is currently in self-isolation at home

Shannon Liss-Riordon – Attorney who has represented gig economy workers in the United States

Vicky Pryce – Chief economic adviser at the UK-based think-tank Centre for Economics and Business Research