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How vulnerable are children to coronavirus?

The pandemic has forced many countries to close their schools to help slow the outbreak.

The global health crisis created by the coronavirus pandemic has led to extraordinary measures in an effort to contain the outbreak.

Countries from South Korea to the United StatesItaly to New Zealand are introducing measures that are affecting hundreds of millions of people.

Among the containment measures adopted by governments worldwide – many have banned public gatherings.

Cambodia and Indonesia are the latest countries to shut down schools in their biggest cities.

It comes shortly after major European Union countries – including Italy, France, Germany and Spain – imposed similar restrictions.

But UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has so far refused to follow suit, despite warning the public to be prepared for what he called “the worst public health crisis for a generation”.

So, is distance learning the answer? And what is the impact on children?

Presenter: Dareen Abughaida


Apostolos Veizis – director of the Medical Operational Support Unit at Doctors Without Borders (MSF), Greece

David Hawley – director general of the International School of Geneva

Deb Barry – senior adviser for emergency response at Save the Children