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Could Israel and Sudan soon become friends?

Plans to normalise relations between both countries has sparked controversy.

Sudan and Israel have historically had frosty relations.

They have no formal ties, and Sudan supports of a Palestinian state.

However on Monday, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met Sudanese General Abdel Fattah Al Burhan in Uganda, and the former announced plans to normalise ties between the two countries.

The decision appears to have caught Sudan’s transitional government by surprise.

Burhan defended the talks, and also reiterated Sudan’s commitment to the Palestinian cause.

Are the once hostile nations moving closer together?

And what can be achieved?

Presenter: Nick Clark


Waleed Madibo – President of the Sudan Policy Forum, and an expert on governance and development

Hajooj Kuka – Sudanese filmmaker and activist

Alon Liel – Former director-general of the Foreign Ministry of Israel