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How will digitisation shape Europe’s future?

The European Union has just revealed its vision for the continent’s digital future.

There is a global race for technology leadership, with the United States and China in the lead.

Europe now says it wants to catch up and reinforce its position on the digital scene.

Its leaders are concerned about the reliance on foreign-owned tech companies, including Microsoft, Apple and Huawei.

They say they want to develop Europe’s own technology sector.

To do that, they’ve come up with a strategy that aims to find domestic solutions that will improve people’s lives and the economy.

The European Union outlined its approach for data and artificial intelligence on Wednesday.

The proposals seek tougher regulation of the world’s biggest tech platforms and increased spending for the EU’s tech sector.

But opponents say more needs to be done to protect private data.

So, will the EU ensure privacy is protected?

Presenter: Nastasya Tay


Katarzyna Szymielewicz – President of Panoptykon Foundation and board member of European Digital Rights, an international advocacy group

Maria Luisa Stasi – Senior legal officer at ARTICLE 19, a human organisation focusing on freedom of expression

Catalina Goanta – Assistant professor in private law at Maastricht University and co-manager of Maastricht Law and Tech Lab