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Will perpetrators of war crimes in Mali be held accountable?

UN investigators say there is evidence that both the military and armed groups have violated human rights.

The United Nations has been investigating human rights violations in Mali for more than two years.

Now, it says it has evidence of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Both security forces and armed groups have been implicated in a report.

The 338-page document details atrocities allegedly committed since the 2012 armed conflict.

The investigators have handed their report to the secretary-general and their conclusion could be used as a legal basis for prosecution.

They have already recommended setting up a court.

Presenter: Mohammed Jamjoom


Mohamed Salaha – Journalist and publisher at Le Mali, a Malian news website

Susanna Wing – Specialist on West Africa and associate professor at Haverford College

Manu Lekunze – Lecturer at the University of Aberdeen and author of Inherent and Contemporary Challenges to African Security