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Who is behind the latest cyberattack on the US?

US government agencies say they were hit by a hacking operation described as the worst in its history.

US government agencies are rushing to tighten their computer security after they were hit by a hacking operation described as the worst in American history.

More than 40 organisations have been targeted, including the US Energy, Defence, State and Homeland Security departments.

Software giant Microsoft also confirmed it has been affected by the on-going cyberattack.

The hacking operation was uncovered last week, but investigators believe it has been going on for months.

US officials suspect it was carried out by Russian hackers, and warned of the “grave” risk it poses to government and private networks.

What does it mean for America’s national security?

And how will Washington respond?

Presenter: Mohammed Jamjoom


Jody Westby – chief executive of Global Cyber Risk and chair of the American Bar Association Privacy and Computer Crime Committee

Vladimir Sotnikov – specialist on Russia foreign affairs and political analyst at the Russia Academy of Sciences

Karen Greenberg – director at the Center on National Security at Fordham University School of Law