Inside Story

How are other countries viewing the US elections?

Al Jazeera’s correspondents give their regions’ perspectives on the United States presidential vote.

After one of the most divisive campaigns in years, Americans finally have their say on who should be their next president.

Millions are choosing to either give Donald Trump another four years or put Joe Biden in the White House.

No matter who wins, the news will reverberate across the globe, as the United States president is often said to be the “most powerful person in the world”.

In this special episode of Inside Story, Al Jazeera’s correspondents in China, Russia, the United Kingdom, Iraq, Iran and Israel explain how those countries and their regions are viewing the US presidential election.

Presenter: Imran Khan


Katrina Yu – Shanghai

Aleksandra Stojanovich-Godfroid – Moscow

Nadim Baba – London

Assed Baig – Tehran

Simona Foltyn – Baghdad

Harry Fawcett – West Jerusalem