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Who will win the battle over the future of the internet?

China’s president says he wants to work with other countries to build a shared cyberspace community.

China has long been pushing for a greater role in global internet governance.

Now it says it wants to build a common cyberspace community.

President Xi Jinping says his nation is ready to cooperate on a shared internet infrastructure with other countries.

China strictly controls the internet and censors its content.

It recently proposed regulations that could restrict the powers of tech companies, and is being accused by the United States of using the internet to pose security threats.

So, how can a “global internet” be established?

Presenter: Bernard Smith


Einar Tangen – Political analyst who advises the Chinese provincial government

Jody Westby – Chief executive at Global Cyber Risk consultancy

Max Eiza – Lecturer in computer and network security at University of Central Lancashire