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Can the G20 ensure global leadership in the time of COVID-19?

The virtual G20 summit has ended with a promise of fair global distribution of COVID vaccines.

The G20 bloc of nations has wrapped up its annual summit with a closing statement emphasising the “important mandates of the United Nations systems”, but little in the way of a breakthrough announcement.

At the end of the gathering, which this year was hosted by Saudi Arabia, virtually, the leaders of the world’s 20 biggest economies pledged to ensure an affordable and fair distribution of COVID-19 vaccines,

Developing nations had also called for a plan to extend debt relief, but there was no firm commitment to that in the final communique.

With the United States disengaged, how does the rest of the world set an agenda?

Presenter: Bernard Smith


Ann Pettifor – Global economist

Nizar Messari – Associate professor of international studies at Al Akhawayn University

Hillary Mann Leverett – CEO of the political risk consulting firm Stratega