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Will the US Middle East plan boost or undermine peace?

Palestinians reject President Donald Trump’s proposal to end the decades-long conflict with Israel.

“The last opportunity for peace”.

That is how US President Donald Trump described his plan to end 70 years of conflict between Palestinians and Israelis.

However, Palestinian leaders were not involved in the process and they immediately rejected it as a conspiracy.

The plan sides with Israel on the so-called “final status issues” to be resolved with the Palestinians.

Israel gets Jerusalem as its capital, as well as sovereignty over the Jordan Valley and illegal Jewish settlements in the West Bank.

Palestinians have been promised a path towards their own state, but only after four years of monitoring to determine whether their leaders are doing enough to fight “terrorism”.

So, does the proposal boost or undermine peace?

And what does it say about the US’s evolving position on the conflict?

Presenter: Sami Zeidan


Robbie Sabel – professor at Hebrew University of Jerusalem and former legal adviser to the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Nabil Sha’ath – senior Palestinian official and adviser to President Mahmoud Abbas

Phyllis Bennis – fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies and author of the book Understanding the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict