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What is the economic impact of China’s coronavirus outbreak?

New cases of flu-like virus are being confirmed every day and death toll is rising.

China is taking desperate measures to try to contain the coronavirus outbreak.

Cities are in lockdown, including Wuhan where the outbreak originated. Shops and businesses are closed, while millions of people are banned from travelling.

The government has stopped its citizens joining overseas tour groups in an attempt to prevent the virus spreading abroad. However, a number of countries, including Thailand, Germany, Japan and the United States have reported confirmed cases of the disease.

So what price is China paying for the coronavirus outbreak? And what will the effect be on the global economy?


Halla Mohieddeen


Einar Tangen – investment banker and political analyst

Rajiv Biswas – Asia Pacific chief economist for the risk consultancy I-H-S Markit

Gareth Leather – senior economist specialising in emerging markets at Capital Economics