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Is Pakistan able to counter India’s move in Kashmir?

Islamabad has downgraded ties and suspended trade with New Delhi since it scrapped autonomy for disputed region.

The disputed territory of Kashmir has long been a flashpoint in relations between India and Pakistan.

New Delhi on Monday exacerbated tensions by revoking special rights from the portion it administers.

Pakistan has denounced the move as “illegal” and pledged to challenge the move “politically and legally”. 

Islamabad has also downgraded diplomatic ties with New Delhi, suspended trade and shut down an express train service to its neighbour. But it said it was not considering the “military option”. 

India contends its Kashmir decision is an “internal affair”. 

The United Nations has urged both sides to exercise “maximum restraint”.

But with frictions escalating, can an armed conflict be averted?

Presenter: Mohamed Jamjoom


Sreeram Chaulia – Professor and dean at the Jindal School of International Affairs

Victoria Schofield – Author of Kashmir in Conflict: Pakistan and the Unending War

Tariq Pirzada – Pakistan security analyst