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Can a rift tear apart the Saudi-UAE coalition in Yemen?

The UAE is accused of attacking Saudi-backed Yemeni government troops to help separatists.

A split is threatening the Saudi-UAE-led coalition fighting the war in Yemen.

The two Gulf allies are supposed to be on the same side. However, the United Arab Emirates is accused of attacking the government that the coalition is trying to restore.

Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi, the president of Yemen’s internationally-recognised government, says UAE warplanes bombed government troops around Aden, which had been taken over by Emirati-trained separatists.

The Yemeni government is urging Saudi Arabia and the United Nations to intervene, but the UAE says it only targeted what it calls “terrorists”.

Can the Saudi-UAE-led coalition continue after such a rift?

Presenter: Sami Zeidan


Alkhadher Sulaiman – Director of the Office of Foreign Affairs for the Southern Transitional Council in New York City

Hassan Barari – Professor of international relations at the University of Jordan

Elisabeth Kendall – Senior research fellow at Pembroke College at the University of Oxford