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Will power be shared in Sudan?

A power-sharing deal between the opposition coalition and the ruling military council has been agreed in Sudan.

For months, thousands protested in Sudan, calling for civilian rule.

Several people were killed and hundreds injured.

Once again, people are out on the streets. But this time, the Sudanese Professionals Association has mobilised its supporters to show they are committed to a new start.

This comes after Ethiopia and the African Union worked to bring them all to the negotiating table.

Sudan’s opposition coalition has met to resolve differences over the formation of a transitional government with the ruling military council.

Now, they have reached what they call “a political deal”. But the military says it foiled a coup attempt on Wednesday.

And the military’s chief of staff was among high-ranking officials who were arrested.

So with the deal yet to be implemented, what does it all mean?

And can turmoil be contained?

Presenter: Richelle Carey


Samahir Elmubarak – Spokesperson for the Sudanese Professionals Association

Waleed Madibo – Founder and president of the Sudan Policy Form

Yasir Arman – Sudanese opposition member