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How did neo-Nazis in Italy acquire missiles?

A huge stash of weapons is found in Italy with neo-Nazi sympathisers and government says the seizure is unprecedented.

An arsenal of weapons has been seized by Italian police in a raid on a far-right group.

The stockpile was discovered during an investigation into the involvement of Italy‘s far-right movement in the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

And it included an air-to-air missile, rocket launchers and automatic rifles described as “latest generation”. Neo-Nazi propaganda material was also seized.

Police have arrested three people, including a former candidate for the neo-fascist Forza Nuova, or New Force, party.

Fabio Del Bergiolo’s house was found to contain a huge stash of arms, as well as Hitler memorabilia.

So, how significant is this?

And what does it tell us about the re-emergence of Nazism and the far-right movement in Europe

Presenter: Hazem Sika


Stefano Vergine – Italian journalist

Michal Bilewicz – Chair at Center for Research on Prejudice at University of Warsaw

Ludovica Di Giorgi – Manager of the Far-Right Programme at the social enterprise group Moonshot Countering Violent Extremism