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Is the G20 a platform for cooperation or division?

Japan’s prime minister says a consensus has been reached on some issues at the G20 summit in Osaka.

The world’s seven biggest economies, the G7, mushroomed into the G20 in 1999 following the Asian financial crisis.

The G20 summit is the world’s largest annual gathering of world leaders, second only to the United Nations General Assembly.

This year’s G20 in Japan had a different emphasis.

Leaders focussed on cooperation among themselves to solve problems, rather than the summit’s usual themes of sustainable growth, health and innovation.

The threat of war between the United States and Iran concentrated minds in Osaka. So did the bitter trade dispute between the world’s two largest economies: the US and China.

The closing remarks of some leaders could signal breakthroughs in major issues.

But in an increasingly divided world, can global powers find common ground? If so, how?

Presenter: Peter Dobbie


Nancy Snow – professor of public diplomacy, Kyoto University of Foreign Studies

Viktor Olevich – lead expert, Centre for Actual Politics

Richard Weitz – security analyst, Wikistrat