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Should the ANC be celebrating or soul searching?

The African National Congress wins the elections in South Africa, but by a smaller margin.

South Africans have just handed the African National Congress (ANC) its sixth mandate in power. But voters also gave the party a reduced majority in parliament.

The ANC has ruled South Africa for more than 25 years. It’s the worst-ever parliamentary electoral showing for the party..

Voter turnout was also low. People are believed to have been dismayed by corruption allegations and a lack of jobs.

ANC leader and President Cyril Ramaphosa had promised to clean up South Africa and boost its economy.

His party is being criticised for failing to deliver on many of its promises.

But Ramaphosa says the election results show there’s still faith in the ANC.

So can the president meet the challenges that come with a weak victory?

Presenter: Sami Zeidan


Lawson Naidoo – Former ANC member

Ralph Mathekga – Political analyst and author of several books on South Africa including Ramaphosa’s Turn: Can Cyril save South Africa? and When Zuma Goes

Bongani Mbindwane – ANC Member and former national security adviser to the police minister in South Africa