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What lessons can the US learn from the British election results?

US politicians warn left-wing candidates such as UK opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn could face defeat in election.

The style of the United Kingdom‘s Prime Minister Boris Johnson is frequently compared with that of United States‘s President Donald Trump.

And now that Johnson has won a resounding victory in the UK’s general election – US politicians are paying close attention to what happened.

And it is the Democrats who are mostly concerned.

Presidential candidate Joe Biden blames the left-wing platform of Johnson’s main opponent, Jeremy Corbyn, for Labour’s defeat.

And he’s warning his party against moving too far to the left in the run-up to the 2020 presidential election.

He and others argue Britain’s elections result should serve as a wake-up call for their party. But is this really true?

Presenter: Julie MacDonald


Lincoln Mitchell – Associate research scholar at Columbia University’s Saltzman Institute

Thomas Gift – Political science lecturer at University College of London

Eric Ham – Political analyst and contributor to the Washington Diplomat newspaper