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What’s causing pollution in India?

India is suffering unprecedented levels of air pollution with warnings of dire consequences for people’s health.

India‘s top court says the capital is choking every year and blamed the state government for failing to curb pollution.

A car-rationing system has been launched but the Supreme Court considers it a “gimmick” and wants firm action to address the problem.

Pollution is so high that schools have been shut, flights diverted, and a public health emergency declared.

Some experts say breathing the city’s air is as bad as smoking 50 cigarettes a day.

And it is not just in the capital. The World Health Organization says 13 other Indian cities are among the world’s 15 most polluted.

But what’s being done to tackle it?

Presenter: Darren Jordon


Karthik Ganesan – Research fellow at the Council on Energy, Environment and Water

Lauri Myllyvirta – Lead analyst on Asia at the Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air

Faizal Parish – Director of the Global Environment Centre