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Saudi Arabia: Will Aramco’s IPO succeed?

Oil giant Saudi Aramco has finally been given the green light to go public with shares.

Saudi Arabia‘s “crown jewel” and the world’s largest oil-producing firm, Aramco, is now set to go public after several delays.

The initial public offering, or IPO, will be on the Saudi stock exchange. How much of the company is for sale and at what price will be determined later.

Part of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman‘s economic plans for the kingdom, the flotation aims to raise billions of dollars. But estimates of how much it might actually draw vary widely.

Prince Mohammed (MBS) wants a two-trillion-dollar price tag, but many bankers put it at $1.5 trillion.

Can Aramco’s IPO satisfy MBS’s ambitions? And what, if any, are the risks?

Presenter: Dareen Abu Ghaida


Mohammed Cherkaoui – Author and senior fellow at Al Jazeera Centre for Studies

Jeff Colgan – Associate professor at Brown University and author of Petro-Aggression: When Oil Causes War

Joseph Kechichian – Senior fellow at King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic studies